At Power, we offer a full schedule of daily pilates (reformer and mat), heated yoga and fitness classes for our early birds at 6 a.m. through our evening clients at 8:00 p.m.


    Browse our retail boutique for the best selection of yoga and contemporary apparel for both women and men while you are waiting for class or talking with the front desk or your instructor after class.


    For your convenience, there are full locker rooms for both men and women, including combination lockers and showers stocked with body wash, shampoo, and conditioner. We also offer Manduka mats, YogiToes and fluffy shower towels for rental.


    “The instructors are super nice and helpful, and I always feel welcome… I love everything about Power Yoga, their instructors, the music, and the way I feel after every class.” - Alex R.


    “A community atmosphere of openness and learning.. A WONDERFUL studio! It’s new and up to date with a variety of class offerings and practice opportunities that meets you where you are..” - Arnie B.


    “Amazing studio!”- Groupon




    I opened the studio in 2016 after having my own personal journey that was guided through yoga and pilates. I was a practicing attorney for 10 years, an avid runner and a lover of Bikram when my life had other plans for me. After being diagnosed with an unusual form of cancer that caused me to lose function entirely in my left leg, and traditional physical therapy was not working, I was left searching for a rehabilitation solution. While I had defeated cancer, my doctors were not sure the function would return to my leg. With the assistance of a brilliant and supportive pilates teacher, I regained function in my leg while also learning about anatomy, muscle function, and how our bodies really work. All thevwhile, I was hobbling into hot yoga classes while on my crutches, using the benefit of the heat to further stretch my muscles and regain strength. The meeting of the mental and physical aspects that come with both a yoga and pilates practice brought me back to the active lifestyle I now appreciate so much.


    How could I possibly return to life behind a desk as an attorney when I had gained such a beautiful perspective on how pilates and yoga can help others? I wanted to build a studio that was inclusive to all yoga and fitness levels, and not intimidating to those who’ve never tried these amazing practices so they can also learn how beneficial they can be to your overall well-being. I had to share what was now and forever an integral part of my life.


    Wow, that was an awfully serious side of our studio and my personality.


    Welcome to Power Yoga+Studio+Fitness, my home away from home – and your new home away from home You can find me joking and smiling behind the front desk with my partner in crime/my studio manager, Jami, taking class with all of you, leading my pilates reformer classes, buddying around town with my curly-haired son, or enjoying happy hour around Summerlin (margarita, anyone?).