Pilates Reformers

    Reservation required. Please sign up using Mind Body or contact our front desk.

    Experience the Pilates reformer in a small group setting then add other small equipment. This class is designed with your specific needs in mind. It will improve strength, coordination, flexibility, balance and stability. The Pilates Reformer is a piece of equipment that provides resistance with a series of springs and ropes. Adding rings, rollers, balls, and spine corrector barrels and you will develop strength, and flexibility all in one class.

    Space is limited to 5 students. This enables our instructor to correct and modify for all fitness levels and ages.

    Hot Pilates

    Heat Index: 90-95 degrees Humidity: 40-50%

    Pump up the volume and pump up your cardio. Hot Pilates is an energetic, high volume, high five kind of fun class. Join us to find a burst of energy and challenging sequences on your mat.

  • Pilates?

    Pilates? What’s pilates? Pie and lattes? No.

    Pilates is more than a full body workout. According to the father of Pilates, Joseph Pilates, pilates is a complete system for developing the body uniformly, correcting posture, restoring vitality, invigorating the mind, and elevating the spirit. What more could you want?


    How about long, strong, lean and toned muscles with Power Yoga + Pilates + Fitness’ pilates reformer and heated mat classes? In 10 you will feel a difference. Give us 20 sessions and you will see a difference. 30 sessions? Forget it! A whole new booty, abs… and complete body!


    Pilates is the ultimate compliment to your yoga, Cross Fit, golf, running or other fitness routine. Pilates focuses on your core muscles – the deep abdominal muscles supporting the spine that are essential for strength and flexibility. It’s so much more than

    great abs though! When practiced with consistency, pilates improves flexibility, builds strength and develops control and endurance in the whole body. Pilates emphasizes alignment, healthy joint articulation, breathing, developing a strong, stable core, and improving coordination and balance.


    All of our pilates reformer and heated mat classes can be modified from beginner to advanced. Do you have a bad knee? Shoulder issues? A bad back? No worries! All of our movements and classes can be tailored to achieve your specific goals and adapt to your limitations. Just be sure to let your instructor know before class starts.


    Do I need to have prior pilates experience?

    For our heated mat class, no prior experience is required. Only an open mind! Grab your mat, bring a bottle of water and a towel and join us for a high-energy pilates experience. If you are joining us for a group equipment class (i.e., the reformer, that device that looks a little bit like torture, but feels so good!), previous pilates experience and some familiarity with the equipment is necessary. If you don’t have prior equipment experience, we ask that you take an introductory private lesson with one of our instructors. We have a special introductory private lesson rate: $39. We show you how the equipment works, take you through an introductory session so when we say “hands in short straps,” or “feet in long straps”, or “put it on 3 reds.” You know what we mean and you can make the most of a group reformer class.

    Do you offer private pilates instruction?

    Absolutely! We love our private sessions because we can work with you one-on-one to address your specific issues. Private sessions are great if you are rehabilitating from an injury or just like a little special attention or want to achieve certain fitness goals. Please see the front desk and we will schedule your private session.

    Are reservations required?

    Reservations are required for equipment classes. If you are a current Power Yoga + Pilates + Fitness member, please log into your account from our website and reserve your spot. If you are new to the studio, please contact our front desk at (702) 432-9642 or stop in and we will reserve your space.

    Shoes? Socks?

    No shoes. Also, no regular athletic socks because we want to keep you safe! If you are taking an equipment class, no-slip socks are required to ensure your safety on the equipment. No-slip socks? You mean like hospital socks? Sure, those will work, but we also have ToeSox and StickyBe socks available for purchase in the studio.