We like it HOT at Power Yoga + Pilates + Fitness. All of our classes are heated, with the exception of Yin. Don’t worry, we are THE friendliest studio you will enter and we will guide you through your experience. Even though we are HOT, our yoga classes are designed for any age, any body type, and all levels of yoga practitioners. The practice of yoga allows for a complete mind and body escape. The addition of heat and humidity allows you to open the body and maximize your flexibility. With a regular yoga practice, you will notice more tone and flexibility and improved focus.


    Let us give you a few tips for enjoying your first class with us:

    1. Come early. Please arrive 15-20 minutes before the class you wish to take. You will need to fill out a quick registration form and discuss any injuries/health issues with your instructor prior to class. We can also find you “new student parking” for your mat so you can make the most of your first experience in our studio.

    2. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Drink plenty of water throughout the day before your practice and the night before. Also remember to stay hydrated after you practice. We sell water in the studio if you forget yours and a bunch of de-lish beverages for before and after your practice.

    3. Wear what you feel good sweating in. Breathable fabric is preferred. Avoid cotton if possible. Please do not wear your shoes into the practice room.

    4. Don’t eat a big meal before class. Allow a couple hours to pass after your last meal before your practice is usually needed. Some people need more or less time so you need to see what works best for you.

    5. Bring a yoga mat, long towel (preferably a grippy, no-slip towel) and water. Each student is required to have all three while practicing. You may also rent a yoga mat and towel from the studio. Water and other delicious beverages are also available for purchase.

    6. Stay in the hot room the entire class. Feel free to take a break whenever you feel necessary by laying down or sitting quietly on your mat. The panic or desire for breaks fades as you focus on your breath and become adjusted to your environment. If for any reason you must leave class early, please let the instructor know before class so they can assist you with the least disruption as possible.

    7. Not Gumby? A little intimidated by the super flexible? Yoga is meant for all ages and all types of people. As long as you are focused on your breath and doing the best you can you will receive all the benefits of each pose even if you are not as flexible or perfectly balanced as someone next to you.

    8. Visit us often. A consistent practice of four (4) times a week will allow you to receive maximum benefits. You will still receive all the benefits of yoga with a more limited practice schedule, it just may take a little longer.

  • class descriptions

    Detailed descriptions of our yoga classes.

    Power Hour & Power 80

    Heat Index: Hot and Steamy! 100-105 degrees with approx. 60% humidity.

    A high energy class combining balance and vinyasa style movement. You can expect a full body workout with a burst of cardio. Although every instructor’s personality is different and the music will change, it is the same class each time. Suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners. We love fresh meat in our signature class just come hydrated and ask about “new student parking” for your mat.


    Heat Index: Vegas. Summer. With Humidity.

    A truly traditional yoga class based on fundamental postures and designed to set you up for a balanced body and mind. This 90 minute class is a set series of the same 26 postures repeated twice with two breathing exercises. It’s often referred to as a moving meditation, therefore there is no music in this class. Don’t let the heat freak you out, it’s especially suitable for a beginner because it has an easy structure to follow and the heat increases the mobility in your muscles and joints. Come hydrated, be respectful of your neighbor, and let the instructor do all the talking.

    Power Flow

    Heat Index: A summer day with a high of 95 degrees.

    A fun 60 or 75 minute class lead by skilled instructors. This class will vary every time and will vary with each instructor. Be prepared to try new things and have a good time while getting sweaty. This class is as unique as your instructor: you might fly, you might stretch, and you might question your instructor’s sanity. The class is suitable for beginners, but come with an open mind. The good news is you won’t be a beginner after your first day! You might be exposed to something new in this class, so hang around and chat with your instructor after class if you have any questions.

    Flash 26&2

    Heat Index: Vegas. Summer. With Humdity.

    This is the same as your usual 26&2 class, but we get it done in 60 minutes for our early birds who come in before work. You will visit all 26 postures twice, and still do your 2 breathing exercises, but we shorten a few savasanas and get the show on the road.

    Twisted 26&2

    Heat Index: Not for the faint of heart! Temps up to 110 degrees, and we still like it humid.

    This is a unique twist on the 26&2 class. You will revisit your favorite 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises, but it will be presented a little differently and you will get your Warrior on as well.


    Heat Index: A warm and sunny day with highs in the 80’s.

    This class is a chill and calming way to unwind after your day. We relax and meditate. We like to sit and lay down in Yin and hold our postures a lot longer to open up the body. This is a beautiful class for a beginner because it doesn’t get more mellow or approachable. Grab a block and a strap on your way into class. They are in the brown baskets in the cubbies before you enter the yoga room. Enjoy!