Classes We Offer

Please arrive 15-20 minutes before your first class, this will allow us to get you signed in, signed up, and ready to flow! Make sure you are hydrated and prepared for class. Below are class descriptions of what we offer at our studio, feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Yoga Sculpt

Heat Index: Hot n' Steamy

Created by Tiffany Alani, Power Yoga Sculpt is the perfect combination of corework, resistance training and high intensity interval training (HIIT). Grab some weights and bring your warrior spirit into the hot room!  Featuring the Flows from our Signature Power Series... with many additions and diversions along the way! Including the Ring of Fire: 3 rounds of ABS over 2 minutes long in between each Flow Sequence! 

Power Hour & Power 80

Heat Index: Hot & Steamy! 100-105 degrees with approx 60% humidity

Whether you join us for our Power Hour or for 20 more minutes in our Power 80, you can expect a high energy class combining balance and vinyasa style movement. You get in a full body workout with a burst of cardio. Although every instructor’s personality and music varies, it is the same class each time. Suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners. We love seeing new faces in our studio. Just come hydrated and ask about “new student parking” for your mat.

Power Flow

Heat Index: A hot summer day with a high of 100 degrees

A fun 60 or 75 minute class lead by skilled instructors. This class will vary with each class & instructor. Be prepared to try new things and have a good time while getting sweaty. This class is as unique as your instructor: you might fly, you might stretch, and you might question your instructor’s sanity. The class is suitable for beginners, but come with an open mind. The good news is you won’t be a beginner after your first day! You might be exposed to something new in this class, so hang around and chat with your instructor after class if you have any questions.

Hot Chakra Flow

Heat Index: Warming up to 95-102 Degrees Humidity: 40-50%

Chakra Flow is an all-levels class intended to educate about a specific chakra each class.  Focus is on intention, breath and moving through a sequence of postures designed to focus on one of the one hundred and fourteen chakras moving throughout the body.  Introductory to intermediate heat and humidity.

Hot Pilates

Heat Index: 90-95 Degrees Humidity: 40-50%

Pump up the volume and pump up your cardio.  Hot Pilates is an energetic, high volume, high five kind of fun class.  Join us to find a burst of energy and challenging sequences on your mat.

TRX/Pilates Reformers Combo

Heat Index: No heat added; your body's heat is all that's needed!

One kick butt interval workout that will keep you moving through blasts of Pilates Reformers and strength training using TRX suspension trainers. 


Heat Index: No heat or humidity added

This class is a chill and calming way to unwind after your day. We relax and meditate. We like to sit and lay down in Yin and hold our postures a lot longer to open up the body. This is a beautiful class for all levels because it doesn’t get more mellow or approachable. Grab a block and a strap on your way into class. They are in the brown baskets in the cubbies before you enter the yoga room. Enjoy!!!

Power Vinyasa Flow

Heat Index: No heat or humidity added

Join us on your mat for a combination of flow, meditation, workshopping, and yin.  This class is great for all levels and is an introductory to intermediate in style.  Different every day, come to enjoy a variety of styles all in one class.

Pilates Reformers

Heat Index: No heat or humidity added

Experience the Pilates Reformer in a small group setting, then add other small equipment. This class is designed with your specific needs in mind. It will improve strength, coordination, flexibility, balance, and stability. The Pilates Reformer is a piece of equipment that provides resistance with a series of springs and ropes. Adding rings, rollers, balls, and spine corrector barrels; you will develop strength and flexibility all in one class. Space is limited to 5 students. This allows our instructor to correct & modify for all fitness levels & ages. Reservation required. Please sign up using MindBody or contact our front desk.

Cancellation and late fees will apply within a 24 hour window.


Heat Index: No heat or humidity added

Barre combines elements of barre, yoga, and dance. The exercises are isometric and include movement to get the heart rate up and burn those calories. The entire class includes a warm up and cool down, but focuses on high intensity and low impact movements. The emphasis is on toning and strengthening the overall body:  highlighting sculpting the legs and butt while strengthening the core. Join us for a fun and energetic class today!

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