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Linda Bown

I started yoga in 2015 seeking help for my ailing body and a broken heart born from a tragic loss in my family. Within two years, and after adding Reformer Pilates to my regimen, my body has taken a 180 degree turn, my spirit healed, and my thirst for yoga and knowledge ignited.  I became an RYT in 2017, with my continued education targeted for Spring 2019, with a big picture goal of Yoga Therapist. I am a lifelong learner and I find every person I meet has something to teach me, most of all, not to take myself too seriously, because we are all in this together! What I love most about teaching yoga is being inspired by my students’ love for their practice. It is a gift as a yoga teacher to connect to that divine energy every class.  My formal education is in Accounting, Finance and French,(Take me to Paris anytime if you need a translator!) and I am a Certified Scrum Master in Agile Development.  I am certified in Levels 1, 2, and 3 Reiki and have practiced healing energy and light work since the early 2000’s. My light group has long crossed over, but I continue the work for close friends and family.   When I’m not at the studio, I love being with my family, going to or watching sporting events, and spending time outdoors with my grandkids…greatest invention ever, grandkids! Power Yoga Pilates and Fitness is the place where I found teachers I aspire to learn from, loving hearts, amazing friends, an authentic caring community of like minded people, and the excitement to continue  my education in Yoga teaching and healing.