Current Plans and Changes

Hello Power Yoga family! We hope you have all been well during these trying times and hope everyone has been staying safe and healthy. With all that in mind, we have been working to create a safer studio and a safe environment for all of our yogis and pilates people. We know the worries of re-opening, so we have created this to share the current plans and changes that we have been making during quarantine. From rearranging the studio to making guidelines and plans for classes, even to repainting, we've been busy to make sure you can come back to Power Yoga Pilates with ease.


We are re-opening offering Physical Therapy services in order to optimize the yoga and Pilates classes. We will be offering complimentary evaluations prior to resuming yoga and Pilates classes. All clients will need to set up an appointment prior to classes. Current Packages will be suspended, offering special packages during this pandemic. We will be reducing class sizes to follow state guidelines, you can find out more below.

Class Size

Current Packages


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